Security Policy

We take user privacy and security very seriously. This document provides an overview of our security policies and technology. We are happy to discuss any of these points in more detail with concerned customers.


  • Form Workflow Plus uses Google Sign In for user authentication and authorization. We never have access to our users' Gmail passwords.
  • On first use, Form Workflow  Plus need users’ permission to run: users have to authorize Form Workflow Plus to use user's information in accordance to our terms of service and privacy policies.
  • For some features, we request access to user data on other services, including limited access to Gmail so we can send email on behalf of the users. We treat these credentials as highly secure information, which we keep on users’ behalf. You may revoke these credentials at the issuer at any time, or we will destroy them when asked.

Access to Systems and Hosting

  • All interaction between GSuite Apps and our application occurs over a secure HTTPS connection. All web reports and account management activities are likewise performed over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • We host our systems on the Google Cloud Platform, and let you enjoy the same level of Security and Confidentiality as with G Suite.
  • Technical Support, Incident Response
  • We monitor our systems permanently. Our team is notified as soon as problems are detected and the issues are immediately investigated.
  • Whenever a significant downtime happens we notify it via our Zendesk online .
  • Every user has access to our support platform to log support tickets at and on our support platform which is provided by the SaaS application accessible by all identified users at the url:
  • We provide 24x5 support to every end user with an average first response time of 2 hours. Our Enterprise support offer includes Hangout and Phone support.

Data Collection & Confidentiality

  • We do not store any data from users emails (email title, body, recipients etc..).
  • Access to user's account and all data associated with that account by Form Workflow Plus employees is limited to an as-needed basis (e.g., to resolve customer issues, support). When such access is required, only personnel with a direct need will access the data, and such access will be limited as much as possible. Breach of this policy by a Form Workflow Plus employee is a serious matter which can lead to contract termination as well as legal action.
  • When requested, we will destroy a user's account, removing all data associated with that account.
  • As customers use Form Workflow Plus, our server collects telemetry data about the features being used. We use this data to generate reports, to assist us in debugging and customer service, and to update system status and capacity planning.
  • We use a leading cloud based payment gateway: Stripe for online sales and credit card payments. We do not see, store and never have access to user's’ credit card information.

Form Workflow Plus does not rent, sell, trade or disclose users Personal Information to third parties.

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