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Set up approval process within minutes inside Google Workspace

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Workflow for all Google & 

Google Workspace users 

Access your Workflow right within Google Workspace/Google Apps. Once Installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace, Form Workflow Plus will be available to all your colleagues within your domain.

Easily Automate Paper & Email

 Approvals Online

Lightweight Workflow Tool to help you Automate workflows. No more paperwork since all workflows are available online. Approvals are automatically saved online for easy monitoring and sharing. 

Fully Integrated with Google Apps and

Google Drive

Upload supporting documents to your workflow requests on the fly. We deeply integrate with Google Drive. Google Drive documents are easily accessible to reviewers. 

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Unlimited number of workflows
Unlimited number of requesters
Unlimited number of reviewers
Up to 5,000 requests / year/
Up to 10 Creators

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Create Workflows Easily by following These Simple Steps:

Create a Google Form

Link your Google form to a Google sheet

Start the add-on and set-up your workflow

Reviewer approves from Gmail

Check the status of requests on your Dashboard

Create your Google Form  &
Link a Google Sheet

Setup reviewers conditional rules & unlimited approval steps

Dedicated Application Dashboard for Process owner, Requester(s) and Approver(s)

Access your Workflows Anywhere 

Connect your Workflow to Google Workspace and Google Docs. Access your workflows anywhere in the world with any device that can use Google Forms



Unlimited number of workflows
Unlimited number of requesters
Unlimited number of reviewers
Up to 1,000 requests / year
Only 1 Creator

Custom Pricing

For Enterprise G Suite
domain deployment &
unlimited usage

For Education & Non Profit

Education PricingContact Us

Set up approval process within minutes inside   Google Workspace

"No Development, No IT required, Self configured workflow available to everyone in your organization, Built on Google Forms and Google Sheets"

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"It's been great and allows us to do the work we need without complex systems. Also the customer team is brilliant and super responsive!"

"This is a great, simple-to-use product that my organization uses for approving fund requests. The best thing about WF+ is their support: They have FAQs and guides that will help you set everything up. Their support team has responded to my questions within a day."

"I use this program daily to digitize school approvals. No need for unnecessary paperwork. The program helps me create maintenance requests, purchase requests, permission requests as well as employee on-boarding. This is a perfect tool for my school."

"The best Program for Workflow Requests and Validation. Easy to use and perfect for any business needs."